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Monthly Archives

10th Annual Gibtown Bike Week

By Deborah Speicher

[autoviewer id="234" width="600" height="600" ]

The unusually warm winter weather this year brought out the crowds for the annual Gibtown Bike Week hosted by The Showmen’s Club of Gibsonton. There was unique entertainment that you would not normally see at other motorcycle events. That is because The Showmen’s Club membership is comprised of people who work in the outdoor amusement industry (carnivals, etc.).

The grounds were packed with vendors, live music, food and a beer garden. Ride in for the day or stay for the night as FREE camping was also available. There was a bike show on Saturday, and hot rod and custom car show on Sunday.

Sunday I got to enjoy the music of Nashville recording artist Randy McNeeley. There was also wrestling – both men’s tag team and girls. I also watched Galaxy Girl perform death defying stunts such as hand stands on her 110’ sway pole; all without a net!

There was nonstop entertainment with several other bands plus Johnny Rockets Cyber Cycle which altogether made this free event a destination for those living in the Tampa Bay area and beyond!

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