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Monthly Archives

2014 Peterson’s Miami To The Keys Run

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By Lulu

One of my all time favorites each year is the run from Peterson’s Harley-Davidson dealership in Miami to beautiful Key West. I took friends this year that had never been to the Keys which made it all the more interesting. Terrible rain had been predicted so many cancelled their plans, but we only had 15 minutes of bad rain and we were lucky enough to be bellied up to the bar at Irish Kevin’s so we didn’t even get wet! The stops for our hand this year were Gilbert’s Resort, Marker 88 Restaurant, Island Fish Co., Boondocks Grill and the final stop was Conch Republic Seafood. We also had to make the stop in Marathon at Robbie’s for the tarpon feeding and my friend Kim was a sport and ended up with a bloodied paw!

The Key West Sunrise Rotary puts this event on each year and the money goes mostly to scholarships for area children and helping the local needs and the community, as well as, Diabetes Research. As a past Rotary Club president I can tell you every penny is well spent. Each Rotary club worldwide is committed to local, national and international causes with their main focus being eradication of polio.

What I love upon our arrival to Key West is the flashing sign that states, “Welcome bikers loud pipes and all!” This sleepy little island recognizes the economic impact those on two wheels contribute…and they don’t mind a little bit of discomfort from our presence.

The winner of the poker hand, Terry Capstick, chose to take the money. I believe he said he already had 4 bikes. The bike show by Big Bike Riders was moved this year and personally I like it better when it is right in the center of the activity on Duval. A huge presence at the 42nd poker run was Cartel Baggers, their shirts were EVERYWHERE and the pool party they threw at Casa Marina was crazy! I stayed at Southernmost Hotel this year and my room was awesome. You must put this run on your bucket list; it is fun…fun…fun!

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