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Monthly Archives

2016 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

By Deborah Speicher


If you just happen to come across this particular group of riders, you might think you were witnessing a biker wedding or possibly filming for a movie. But, this was so much more. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is actually an international event that happens on the same day around the world to raise awareness and funds for the November Foundation which benefits men’s health programs (specifically, prostate cancer and mental health).

The Tampa Bay area had its’ very own ride on September 25, which started at Dime City Cycles in Largo. As the riders started to arrive that morning, it was obvious the dress code was formal – as in “shirts, ties, suits and tuxedos” as well as dresses for the ladies who participated. Classic and vintage motorcycles were the rides of choice. The worldwide theme came from a photo of a well-dressed Don Draper (TV show “Mad Men”) riding his 1957 Matchless 3GLS motorcycle.

As the group of approximately 200 riders left Dime City Cycles, they headed to Green Bench Brewery in downtown St. Petersburg and then across the bay to their final destination at Coppertail Brewing in Tampa. In addition to raising a few eye brows as they rode along city streets, the group raised over $21,000. Worldwide estimates are that approximately 50,000 riders from over 500 cities (90 countries) participated in their respective rides. The final worldwide tally is not in as of this time as fundraising is going on until the end of October. This is one event I want to support and will not miss next year! For more information, go to:

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