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Monthly Archives

27th Annual Moving Wall Reunion


Well, the weather man certainly DID NOT cooperate for the 2014 Moving Wall Reunion, held as always, at Wickham Park, Melbourne, Fl. Skies were mostly cloudy and very overcast, along with long periods of rain…some very heavy, causing parking headaches all over the park. But, as always, this did not deter a large crowd of vets as well as non-vets, plus live bands, and Ace DJ, Doc Holiday!!

Over by the Wall, viewers were paying homage to loved ones, whose names were on the Wall…some tracing the names on paper…others, kneeling in silent prayer…very emotional. Large water puddles couldn’t stop them from paying their respects to our fighting men and women listed on this huge structure. Many other Viet-era objects on display, and if anyone needed emotional help…it was there too. No aircraft fly-ins this year, because of the weather…too bad! Let’s hope it’s more pleasant next year. Always…support our troops everywhere…by attending events such as this. There were vendors galore, for food, drinks, and military merchandise, plus live bands, and Ace DJ, Doc Holiday!! There was a full program consisting of Massing of the Colors, singing of the National Anthem, and the introduction of the recently acknowledged Medal of Honor winner, SFC Melvin Morris.


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