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Monthly Archives

2nd Annual B.I.N. Run

By Miserable George


It was ‘way back in 2005 that Barry “Bear” Conaway came up with an idea to help out unfortunate bikers…it worked! The organization became known as B.I.N….or, Bikers In Need. This year, on Feb. 17, they celebrated their second anniversary with a police escorted run from Space Coast HD, north on I.95, to Wickham Park pavilion…250 plus, strong!! Awaiting the chilly riders, were vendors, three popular local live bands, ace DJ, Doc Holiday, door prizes, a 50/50, and more!! Sad to say, it’s been nearly a year that Bear passed on, but, we just knew he was watching…and smiling…at the success of his idea…his brain child…something he devoted his very life to, and now, is being managed by his wife, Ellen, (Mama Bear). Yeah, it was a chilly crowd, as I said…morning temps were in the 30′s, but that didn’t stop those determined riders from coming out to support Bear’s dream! You can help too; call Mama Bear at 321-298-6046, or A big THANK YOU to all who helped make this run and the organization a success. Mama Bear and I say…Ride safe!!!

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