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Monthly Archives

Never Too Far To Ride


Mikey's Bar Well there comes a time when you need to get out and ride. Not just a ride, but a ride with some distance. More than just bar to bar, instead, miles and miles. So I called my buddy Paulie from Ormond Beach because he is not afraid to put a couple of miles under his butt. So we picked out a place to meet because we are from two different directions and we decided it was Scooter Haven Country Club in Inglis on the west coast. They have a bar and camping. What else you could ask for? I grabbed a tent and Paulie hooked up to his Time Out. He headed across on 40 while I headed south on 49 to 19 to the small town of Inglis about two hours away. That was about the same for Paulie. That’s where a buddy of mine, Dice, who now owns the Scooter Haven Country Club. He has done so much to the property getting it ready for bikers. It is well worth the ride, even if you just want to stop in for a drink. We set up camp as a base because it is centrally located between Crystal River and Cedar Key. If you head north on 19, Cedar Key is a old fishing village that has bars and places to eat all up and down their coast. Then if you head south, Crystal River is not far and you can hit Crystal River Harley. Go a little farther down to Loves Motor Sports where Richard, who is the sales manager, will put you on a nice used ride. They have bikes of all kinds from 2 to 4 wheels, if you take the ride stop in and say hi. They are really nice folk. On our way back, we were told to turn right on 44 to head east. On the south side of the street is Micky’s, an old school biker bar, where you get beer and wine; but not just that, they do a “mix” that if you order a Jack and Coke, you get a drink that taste just like one. We then headed back to camp and relaxed at the base camp. Bloody MarySunday we got up and headed south to a place called High Octane Saloon for a Bloody Mary that looks like dinner, and a drink for $2.00 well, you can’t beat that. They have bands almost every day. If you take the ride ya just have to stop in. We then went back to camp and packed up for our ride back. We had such a great time we are going to do it again. The west coast has so much to offer and no matter where you live in Florida it is well worth exploring. So get your butt in that seat and ride. That’s what ya bought it for.

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