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Monthly Archives

30th ALL ABATE Toy Run, Brevard Co, FL

By Miserable George

[singlepic id=2760 w=320 h=240 float=none]Sunday, Dec. 4th. dawned bright and sunny, the answer to all our prayers for the 30th ABATE Toy Run, the largest all-ABATE run in the state. Macy’s ban on motorcycle parking in front of their store, seemingly didn’t hamper the assembly of well over 5000 bikes, bearing treasures for the little ones to be remembered by the Shriners Children’s Hospital, and several local organizations, all waiting at the run destination, Wickham Park in Melbourne, to receive all the toys, games, stuffed animals…you name it!!

At 12 noon sharp, Brevard ABATE Prez, Mike Pope, with wife Jonell onboard, led the massive group on the 25 mile jaunt to the park, where the toys were collected for distribution at a later date. The riders were treated (by the Shriners) to hot dogs and drinks, after which many browsed through the multitude of vendors…some getting a kiss from GUS, The Kissing Camel!

One of the high-lights of the day was the presentation of a $13,500 check to the Shriners by the Warlocks of Brevard, as well as, the Shriners’ awarding of a plaque to Brevard Co. ABATE. Kudos to all of these fine organizations, pulling together to help the KIDS!!!

One tearful mother explained to the crowd how the Shriners Children’s Hospital helped her young daughter to walk again, after all hope had been lost. Truly a moving moment.

Despite some bad economic times, the BIKERS again pulled together to help…in a BIG way! A big thanks too, to the DJ of DJ’s, Doc Holiday, and the infamous BIG DADDY ROCKS for providing bang-up entertainment all day long. May GOD bless you all!

[autoviewer id="148" width="600" height="600" ]

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