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Monthly Archives

6th Annual Summer Bike Fest Rocks South Florida

By Attorney That Attorney Gabriel Jose Carrera

[autoviewer id="268" width="600" height="600" ]

Looks like “Jager” Mike Rudicel and DeeDee O’Reilly of South Florida Bike Events with Big Dawgs 2 & 3: Sports Bar crowd hit a home run this past month in Davie, FL with the successful 6th Annual Summer Bike Fest! The event was packed with hundreds of attendees before the “doors” were officially open. The event started from 11 am to 7 pm with top shelf musical acts like Richie Supa from legendary band Aerosmith who played with Florida’s favorite Fat Chance band. Over 4,000 bikes rode to the 93 degree blue sky event drinking up every cold beer on the premises while cheering on the bikini contestants. The ladies were so hot I though Jager Mike was going to pass out from a heat stroke deciding between the participating bikini-clad-babes. Bike builders from as far as Tampa joined the fun and the bikes on display by Roaring Toys and Trikes by Design were awesome.

This year the 6th Summer Bike Fest Sponsors really came out in force with the help from Jagermeister, Budweiser, Bud Light, the Monster Energy Drink, Gordon & Donner; Biker’s Inc. folks, Attorney That, and Big Dawgs Sports Bars. Some of the MC clubs seen were the Fort Lauderdale Leather Necks, Latin American Riders, the Keltics, American Legion Post 180, and many, many others. A special thanks to the Wings of Gold Club for volunteering in the hot sun making the flow of traffic easy on the biker community. If it weren’t for them I am sure some blue-haired-old-lady cager would have downed a brother’s sled! Overall the spirit of the event was festive with no known arrests or altercations except jealous ole ladies nagging their old men for eying too much of the Jagermeister girls skin in their skimpy sexy short-shorts.

What’s an event without local vendors slinging the great food and drinks? The Round-Up Country Bar cooled the over-heated with freezing a/c, line dancing, and ice-cold beer. Boog N Geez Jewelry, Cary’s Biker Gear, Chester’s Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycle Company, and Attorney That, were just a few of the rows and rows of local businesses displaying their wares and services!

The day started out cloudy, but the sun made a bold appearance after ten days of rain. There was a serious storm on the radar that threatened to roll in except the event was spared the storm. The northern parts of Broward were hit with rain and thunder storms but not the brothers & sisters celebrating the 6th Annual Bike Fest. Over all, the event was a success, with the attendees vowing to come back for next year’s Summer Bike Festival! There is talk of combining Chester’s HD Bruce Rossmeyer’s Memorial Run (Saturday) with the (Sunday) Bike Fest event so next year will be kick ass is Jager Mike can make it happen.

Jager Mike is the CEO of South Florida Bike Events has been handling event planning for over 30 years and has inside knowledge of how to make a big event not only a fun for attendees, but also extremely successful for vendors and the local community at large. Dee Dee his partner also leads the charge in fund raising for local charities as Fort Lauderdale’s own Big Momma’s House. Many children currently make their home in Big Mama’s modest home on Fort Lauderdale’s west side and many more find temporary shelter there. They also find a peaceful environment to overcome the hardships of their young lives and move forward. Most come from homes with drug, alcohol, poverty, and violence related problems.
Another charity sponsored by DeeDee & Mike is “the Home Sweet Home Foundation” in Hollywood, FL which was founded by Alfredo Roberts, All-American at University of Miami & former 2-time Super Bowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys. Whatever this duo sponsor they do it well and throw one kick ass party that will be remembered. Now that Bike Fest is officially over – I am wondering what is the next “South Florida Bike Event” the Dynamic Duo are coordinating!

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