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Monthly Archives

7th Annual Fort Lauderdale Bike Fest 2014

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="336" width="600" height="600" ]

August not only took us to Sturgis, we also hit the road to south Florida and joined Mike and Dee Dee for their big event in Davie at the Round Up. The parking lot was full of vendors, spectators and bikes. The guys from Cartel Baggers out of Miami were in attendance in full force with awesome looking motorcycles. The sponsors Budweiser, Jagermeister, Twisted Tea, Monster, Bikers Inc., Southern Bike Night and the law firm of Gordon and Doner helped make this thing the place to be in August if you love to ride. The Twisted Tea bikini contest featured 9 women who competed for major prize money and the lucky first place winner went home with $1000! Music filled the air all afternoon and ended with north Florida’s famous band Big Engine! Put this on your events to check out next summer. We stayed at the Renaissance for only $85 dollars a night and it was gorgeous. It also gave us a chance to throw away a little money at the Hard Rock Casino. Thanks South Florida Bike Events for a great day.

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