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7th Annual Stark Bike Fest


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of all the presidential bashing. They should be held accountable for what they promise; if you don’t do as you said during your election you don’t get paid for the rest of your life. Getting paid for the rest of your life; who the heck came up with that idea? Definitely not us, in fact, we don’t get that benefit…we get social security, which they keep taking chunks out of. I heard they also voted in their own raises. We get a 3% raise and they get anywhere from 20% to 30%. WOW or better yet “What the heck?”!! Sorry don’t get me started. I just think they are all blowhards; in fact, they blow almost as hard as a hurricane. Speak of a hurricane, again, when the small town of Starke puts on an event we get threatened with a hurricane. Isaac this time, but the weather was nice, a good cool breeze all day and it felt great. But that did not stop Starke from having a great event.

Yep I think Starke out did themselves. They had their biggest crowd since they put it in the streets. There were bikes from one end of town to the other. The town was buzzing. I saw people I have not seen in years. They had a bar set up near their new stage where beer was $3 and a mixed drink was $4. As far as entertainment there were 9 bands, a frozen T-shirt contest and a tattoo contest, as well as, a bike contest in the downtown area alone. All over the county from Thunder Park to Timbuktu everybody had bands, so if you could not find what you were looking for you’re too damn fussy. To stay in a motel it would cost around $45 per night and up, and they were full. Camping was doing pretty good also because of the cool breeze. Restaurants were full, as well as, gas stations. If this keeps up Starke will be known for its Bike Fest, as well as, their Strawberry Fest which is in April. Well, if ya missed it this year keep checking Thunder Roads Florida Magazine for next year’s dates. I could talk all day here and it won’t do us any good. But I know you will look at the pics and a picture tells a story way better than I could.

Well got to go riding now. Hey before I end it when you’re riding your bike click on your brights during the day time, it won’t hurt anyone and your brights can be seen about three times farther than your regular light, and that is what it’s all about “being seen” ok got to go now. Oh and “I approve this message” see ya soon…
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