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Monthly Archives

8th Annual Stark Bike Fest

By Lil Jon

[autoviewer id="270" width="600" height="600" ]

Here we are again at Starke BikeFest. The years are starting to fly by. If you went to Starke I really only need to remind you of the fact, that you couldn’t be everywhere at one time. The bands that played in Starke ranged from Evil Monkey, Big Engine, Moccasin Creek to Mustang Sally who was an all girl band that packed downtown. There were contests all over including tattoo, bike show, best tan, bikini, pole dancing contest, frozen T-shirts, and even, the “in the street” porta-potty pulls. Some of the sponsors included BCDA, Bizzi-Boutique who did the tan contest, Twisted Tea who also sponsors the bike nights for us. It was hot and also drizzled, of course, which was no excuse for not riding out; there was a bar at each end of town and plenty of places to cool off and drink a cold one or hide from the rain. So quit your whining and plan to ride out next year RAIN OR SHINE! Just wear less and be ready to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at you…like real bikers do.

Those of you who put your feet on the highway bars in town…drive me crazy. The key word is “Highway” bars. The easiest way to lose a leg is to be in town with all the traffic and riding with your feet more than 4 inches from the pedals! You look cool enough without being foolish! Until the next event ride safe!

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