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Monthly Archives

911 Memorial Ride & Ceremony

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="283" width="600" height="600" ]

The crowd is still overwhelming even after so many years have passed. This year, unlike last, the weather was absolutely beautiful for the ride. The Red Knights, Blue Knights and the law firm of Rue, Ziffra & Caldwell did a fabulous job organizing and promoting this event. The speeches by the Flagler County dignitaries were short and poignant. Each speaker thanked the crowd of bikers for their presence, as the sheer number of bikers was a loud statement that they will not let anyone forget the lives lost that beautiful September morning in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania. I do believe that since the tragic event we as Americans do realize the harsh reality of how dangerous what our fire and police departments expect their employees to face on a daily basis. 9/11 was an extraordinary event, but the truth is each person who wears a uniform has the possibility they will face grave danger each and every day. A trip to “Ground Zero” was given by Rue, Ziffra & Caldwell and the winner was Barbara Pricipe from Eustis. Please remember to ride with us each year to continue to honor each one of the families who lost a loved one on 9/11.

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