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Monthly Archives

911 Remembered

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="496" width="600" height="600" ]

As I arrived for the ride organized by the Knights of Inferno and the Flagler County Blue Knights I was amazed by the crowd! Rue & Ziffra law firm has been a huge supporter of this event for years now and with their help Joe Vece and the organizers continue to make this ride one that stands out. After a moving ceremony the hundreds of bikes put up their kickstands and became a ribbon of metal to let the folks in heaven know they are not forgotten. This year I felt even more emotional as there has been so much disdain for police officers on the national news…NOT in my town…as shown by the respect shown on this ride. There were folks from as far as Orlando riding with us. Children who weren’t even born yet standing patriotically in the crowd! And I thought as I saw them standing there of the children who lost their parents that awful day, parents who lost their children in the day care at the Pentagon or on the planes, and the tragedy for all the lives gone in an instant, just sunk in deeper. The speech today included the reality of how many suffer mentally and have lung disease from the aftermath of living through the carnage. Just terrible that insane souls were driven by a madman into being cold, calculating murderers in the name of their religion! Thank you to all who organized this very important event in my life and to each and every one who gave up their day to honor the dead, the damaged, law enforcement and first responders…and OUR Country!

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