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Monthly Archives

A Big New Years Day with Big Engine at the White Eagle

By Cameron Newpher

I must be getting old since I have not gone out for New Years in sometime.   You always hear about the horror stories of Check Points, how many people were arrested for DUIs and the media insisting on designated drivers.  Well this year I had a chance to go out with a designated driver and found myself at The White Eagle with camera in hand.  Wow – What a Party!!  We arrived about 10:00pm and the place was packed.  Big Engine was playing on the stage inside and there was little room to negotiate a way to the bar.  I was armed with my press passes and camera which seemed to draw many who wanted to have their picture taken.  Needless to say it took me quite a while to get close to the bar for a cocktail.

After a few drinks, I worked my way around the bar and took over 100 pictures.  Everyone was having a great time with Big Engine rolling out the tunes, people dancing, singing and just going nuts!  I swear the place was hopping like my home when the train rolls down the tracks in north Bunnell.  My designated driver got me home safe with a huge smile on my face and great memories to start off the New Year.  God willing, I will be back for The White Eagles New Year’s Party Next Year – Happy New Years to all the wonderful people I met, may 2011 be one for the good books.

White Eagle New Years Party Cam

[autoviewer id="12" width="600" height="600" ]

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