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Monthly Archives

A Final Toast To Kneecap

By Lulu


10 years ago, I walked into Mother’s in Flagler Beach and into Kneecap’s world. Bull (the original owner of Thunder Roads Florida) and Kneecap became instant friends. Too many hours were spent on bar stools and quite a few hours were spent on motorcycle seats by those two. So, when Bull decided to start Thunder Roads Florida, Kneecap volunteered to write a monthly article which became Nobodies Opinion.

Sadly, these two characters are gone now, if you believe in heaven maybe despite their sins they are back together riding the clouds. Kneecaps article from the onset has always been the page that garnered the most comments, both negative and positive. Kneecap certainly made us think, reminisce and laugh. He loved to ride. He loved to tell tall tales. He loved to drink. He loved his friends. He loved me. And I miss him.

I am grateful for his friendship, his support during times of great sadness after the loss of Bull and his contribution to Thunder Roads Florida. Kim hosted a memorial party at Annie Oakley’s and a final toast could not have been a more appropriate way to say my goodbyes to my friend. Thank you, Kim, Irv, Annie Oakley’s, to all his friends for coming and to all of you who have sent letters in complimenting his thoughts and “Opinions”.

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