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Monthly Archives

A Lil’ Crawlin’ for Lil’ Jon

By Lulu

Few people in life stick by you no matter what. Lil’ Jon, as most of you know him by, has been one of those people in my life. I met him through Bull years ago when he dated Bull’s sister for a bit.

After Bull’s death, Jon had been a dear friend and supporter of me and Thunder Roads Florida. Recently, Jon was injured in a motorcycle accident, the second in less than two years. This time by someone who pulled out in front of him abruptly. The cager left him lying on the pavement, basically a hit and run.

There was no insurance company to cover his hospitalizations, medicines and living expenses while he has been unable to work.  Another dear friend, Sherry Fletcher, arranged a Pub Crawl to help Jon out financially and his friends came through by raising over $2000.

The crawl started and stopped at Dirty Harry’s where they provided their wonderful BBQ and live music by Jender. If you haven’t checked out Dirty Harry’s on Main St. in awhile you should they have really tried to put Main St. back on the biker map with their monthly FREE BBQ on the first Sundays. Other stops included Cap’t Tavern on Main, Boot Hill, Main Street Station and Froggy’s.

We ended up winning a raffle for free appetizers at Cap’t Tavern and the food was wonderful.  Thanks to all the wonderful people who crawled, to Sherry, to Dirty Harry’s and to the band Jender for rocking the house. And a special thank you to Jon for being my friend!

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Lil’ Jon Pub Crawl Mar. 2011

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