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Monthly Archives

Abate Of Florida Toy Run 2012

By Miserable George

OK, first, this is the largest all ABATE Toy Run in the state, between 6,000 and 8,000 bikes!! After a biscuits & gravy stop at the Warlocks of Brevard, we were off to Merritt Sq. Mall the assembly point for the run. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Macy’s had removed their “NO PARKING” rule concerning the front area of the store’s parking lot, because it was jam packed with bikes! Good move Macy’s…thank you. We were also able to get access to the roof of their building and got some fabulous shots of the whole gathering…again, thank you Macy’s!!

We saw all manner of toys and other Christmas gifts strapped to the bikes, awaiting ABATE Prez Mike Pope’s command to get the huge mass of steel and chrome moving to its destination-Wickham Park- some 25 miles away, where the Shriners and several other local charity organizations were waiting to receive all the bike-borne goodies to be distributed to needy kids all over Brevard County!

At Wickham Park (pavilion area), free hot dogs and beverages were given to the riders. A host of vendors were selling just about anything you could think of. Inside the pavilion ACE DJ, Doc Holiday was spinning the tunes and, outside on the semi-stage THE MAN…Big Daddy was wailing as only HE can!! Also, GUS the kissing camel was doing his thing with the ladies!

Now, the weather had been perfect…up to 3PM that is. That’s when the Warlocks of Brevard presented the Shriners with a check for well over $10,000, proceeds from their recent Biker Bash, AND that’s when the skies opened up!!

Mike Pope of ABATE got an award from the Shriners in recognition of ABATE’s service to the Shriners, very nice indeed. The rain provided a kind of yucky ending to an otherwise perfect day! Ya know what…? I don’t think anyone minded at all. Hey, a BIG thanks to all who helped make this huge run the success that it was! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas…

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