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Monthly Archives

ABATE Ride to Vets Home

By Ron Cox


The Southwest Chapter of ABATE hosted its annual ride to the Douglas T. Jacobson State Veterans Home in Port Charlotte on Sunday, December 17. One hundred eighty riders and passengers assembled at Sun Sports Cycle for the police escorted ride.

For a modest $5 registration fee and an optional $5 pancake breakfast everyone got to ride and pay their respects to these Veterans who have given so much. The Home is home to 120 Veterans, 112 men and 8 women. Were it not for this home some of these Veterans would be out on the street. Sad to say illegal aliens are treated better than these old warriors. The proceeds from this ride will enable each Veteran to receive a $50 Wal-Mart gift card.

The lobby of the Home has a beautifully decorated Christmas tree around which bags, and bags of sundry items were deposited by the riders. Riders got to tour the Home, its walls festooned with military memorabilia, old uniforms and other items from a time gone by.

Home Administrator Liz Barton thanked the riders for their continued support and mentioned how much the Veterans look forward to their visit. For some, the visit by the riders is the only visitors some of these Vets will have all year.

ABATE is a motorcycle and motorcyclist’s rights organization.

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