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Monthly Archives

Adamec’s Bike Night At The Landing

By Lulu

The monthly Bike Nights Adamec Harley throws at the Jacksonville Landing have started up again. They have changed to the second Thursday of the month. The weather was perfect and happened to be at the same time the Harley Officer Training Seminar Convention was being held at the Hyatt which is right at The Landing. So there were bikers from all areas of the state.

The Ride rocked the place. And if you haven’t ventured down to the waterfront area with a nice stage and fountain in the middle you really should. During the bike nights they actually let you park your bike right at the fountain!

There are all kinds of food establishments and great giveaways. Missy at Adamec works hard to put on a great event in the community and the surrounding Jacksonville area bikers ride in for the event.

The next event will be June 9th so ride on down and join in the fun. By the way, at their Baymeadow’s dealership on July 1st., 3 Headed Step Child will be playing at their bike night and I think they’re one of the BEST bands around!!!!

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2 Responses to “Adamec’s Bike Night At The Landing”

  • Russell Langley:

    fun night, with a VARIETY of riders!
    Only wish there were venders present!

  • beth connors:

    I have a great time there also. Sometimes there are vendors and sometimes not. But you have to admit the band was great and wonderful people attend. Lulu

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