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Monthly Archives

American Legion Riders On The Move

By Metric and Phoenix


The American Legion Riders (ALR) is the fastest growing program in the American Legion. The American Legion Riders have become a seventy (55 mph just in case law enforcement is reading this) mile per hour billboard for assisting Veterans and their families. The Florida American Legion Riders alone this year have grown to 68 Chapters and nearly 3500 members. They have traveled over a million and a half miles across the state and beyond. They have supported nearly a thousand programs and have risen over a half a million dollars for various charities. The American Legion Riders signature fund raiser is the Legacy Fund, which is designed to give scholarships to children of our military families who have lost the lives in service to our country. This year the Florida Riders held its’ first In State Legacy Ride which began in Panama City covering 1815 miles in eight days with a two day stop in the Keys (for a much need Rest and Relaxation), back up the east coast and home to Panama City, along the way the Riders collected $12,000.00 to be contributed to the national Legacy Fund. To top off a great year of riding, ALR Chapter 69 in Avon Park hosted the first annual State Rally. The Captain (Rabbit) and crew (Post 69) with the help from a few ships in the fleet pulled off a fleet sized event with a group size force. GREAT JOB!!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Next year’s rally will be held in Palm Bay around the middle of May, so mark your calendar and let’s get everyone on board to the have a great time!!!

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