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Monthly Archives

Back To The Future In Sebring

By Phoenix and Metric


This year’s Run to the Heartland event in Sebring was one of those “BACK TO THE FUTURE” moments with the return of ABATE heading up the “Famous Fresco” Memorial Poker Run, once again, after a short hiatus. ABATE’s “Fresco” Run was the original poker run for this event from the beginning a decade ago. Like most events you have your ups and downs, last year’s event was hampered with both a “BAD” economy and “Foul” weather. This year’s event was still hampered by a “BAD” economy thanks to the dumb asses in Washington, but you could not have asked for better riding weather. Another plus for this year’s event was the involvement of “All” the local motorcycle organizations. From Avon Park to Lake Placid, all businesses and Veteran’s organization had food and drink specials. American Legion Riders, US Military Veteran MC, and the Alternative MC were all hosting raffles. The Christian Motorcycle Association once again handled all the parking for the event. The Warlocks and Wolf Pack MC’s had open house at their clubhouses. The Enforcer MC held a great party. The LAMAS held their annual and arrived at the circle with one of the largest groups ever. TJ’s Leather was home to a bike wash held by the Top Gun MC. GHC Motorsports from Lake Placid had its newest “Motor Trike” Gold Wing on display.

Highlands County is home to some of the most beautiful back roads to ride your bike. There is nothing like hitting the back roads around the county and stopping at one of the local “biker friendly” establishment to get a bite to eat or the coldest drink for miles around. The Heartland Riders Association, the host the Run to the Heartland, and all of Highlands County is fortunate to have such a great “biker friendly” community. Everyone comes together to pitch in. So if you missed the “RUN TO THE HEARTLAND” this year due to the “bad” economy, save your nickels and dimes and make the trip out here next year. It will be well worth the trip!!! Better yet, come out anytime!!! Get away from the coast and all those tourist and hit the open roads. When you get out here tell them “Metric” sent you. See you soon!!!

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