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Monthly Archives

Bar None & Sand Bar Double The Pleasure & Double The Fun

By Amy Poole

Two of our most historic bars and two of our long time advertisers, in St Augustine, tag teamed on the same day in September and had their big anniversary parties!

Chris, owner of Bar None, celebrated their 14th anniversary and their new deck. There was a crew of friends and newbie’s that showed up to help celebrate and many of those pals brought heapings of food for this hungry crew. By the way…the food was fabulous!! And if you ate a little too much…no worries…Hooch had many of us dancing the afternoon away out on the NEW deck.

A bit later in the day we made our way to see Jeanne, owner of the Sandbar, for the 21st anniversary party where plenty of congrats were in motion along with cold ones, music and food. Forget the food…the desserts were amazing!! The chocolate cake was like 3 layers and to die for! The complimentary fountain of mimosas was flowing continuously. If you are a Gator fan, you would love this bar being it is Gator territory with Gator flags and little orange and blue lights twinkling around the bar.

Make these 2 places a must stop while you are out on your scoot cruizin’. Check the Thunder Roads Florida calendar for their upcoming events. Thanks Chris and Jeanne…you guys throw a hell of a party!!!

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