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Monthly Archives

Bike Week 2012 Cabbage Patch Coleslaw Wrestling

By Kneecap

No Bike Week would be complete without attending the tradition of watching women coleslaw wrestle. This year was the 33rd Annual Coleslaw Wrestling event. Thousands of bikers came to the Cabbage Patch Bar to watch bikini-clad women rumble in a pit of shredded cabbage mixed with vegetable oil. The weather was exceptional this year, so thousands of bikers showed up to watch the 24 different match-ups in a double elimination event with no weight classes between 12 women competing for the $500 first place prize. Second place gets $250 and third and fourth place get $125 each. The competition was better than I had ever seen and with 15 to 20,000 cheering onlookers, the girls put on one hell of a show. However, the same lady who won last year (Laura from Texas) won both Wednesdays and Saturdays matches. Trust me, they weren’t easy. She earned every bit of the prize money.

This year because Bike Week included St. Patrick’s Day, Lucky Murphy The Leprechaun showed up to wish us well and pinch as many female butts as he could get away with. We were also graced with the presence of a beautiful Budweiser Clydesdale. The Budweiser people also gave out a bunch of T-shirts, caps, and koozies.

Although coleslaw wrestling is a great crowd pleaser and bike week would not be the same without it, there is more to the Cabbage Patch. All week there was live entertainment, wet T-shirt and hot buns contests. There was also a custom motorcycle show with the world’s largest bike trophy. This will be recognized by Guinness World Records.

Cabbage Patch Bar is open year-round with daily drink specials and live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. For more information, great videos, and pictures, go to their website

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