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Monthly Archives

Bike Week At The Cabbage Patch Bar

By Kneecap

[autoviewer id="389" width="600" height="600" ]

Spending Bike Week at the Cabbage Patch Bar is better than going to Disney World or Universal Studios, and cheaper too. There is always something to entertain you. Body paint, Ms. Cabbage Patch, tattoo, longest beard, and strongman contests just to name a few. There’s live music on four different stages daily. There is over 5 acres of vendors, free bike parking and $10 camping. They had two great big bike shows. One is a traditional “Ride in Bike Show” and the other is the “Battle of the Baggers”. And let’s not forget The World-Famous Coleslaw Wrestling which is held twice during Bike Week. If you missed all the giveaways, promos, and entertainment you missed experiencing the real Bike Week, but don’t worry they’ll have it again in October with probably even more great contests and entertainment. If you can’t wait till October go visit Ronnie, Roger, and their great bartenders. The Cabbage Patch is open year-round with a full liquor bar and drink specials daily. Now how much fun is that?

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