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Monthly Archives

Biker Fest Of Brevard

By Miserable George

Brevard Biker Fest 2012The party, with a Halloween theme, was scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Oct. 26, 27, 28, 2012. Monday, the weather was beautiful, but, by Friday, it turned horrible, with the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, a scant 250 miles off the Florida east coast. So, what did the bikers do…? They just turned it into a (what else) HURRICANE PARTY!!

Considering the weather on Friday, the turn-out was pretty good, Big Daddy was grinding out the music in the big outside tent (a God-sent), there was food, beer stations all over the place, lots of tables and seats, vendors, and hotties galore. I got there late in the afternoon, so if I missed any bands, please forgive me! As the storm blew by, it got cooler, sending most revelers inside, where a super-hot band, “Fast Forward”, had the whole place ROCKING!! I mean, some of those ladies were…well, you know…!

OK, Saturday, things cleared somewhat, no more rain, just a cool breeze! Live bands most of the day, plenty of good food and drink, and now, the bikes started to roll in, quickly filling up the front lot. Before the bikini contest, we managed to corral some of the girls out front for an impromptu photo session on some nice custom HOGS!! Later out back in the big tent, 5 little honeys strutted their stuff in tiny bikinis, the winner being Rachel!! It was a close call, but she squeaked in…! She was our February cover girl 2012, with sis, Tayla…lovely!! A little later, the costumes were judged; with the winner being that TV “Insurance Girl”…you know who I mean!! That one too, was a hard one to call…lots of good, original costumes! Papa Chuck closed out the night on stage with a packed house tearing up the dance floor!!

Brevard 2012 Bike Fest Live Bands

Sunday was the custom bike show in the rear lot. Nearly 25 beautiful machines on display. Sorry, I never got the names of the winners, but a lady got People’s Choice with a big white Bagger…nice! Hey, that’s the best I could do! A BIG THANKS goes out to Harry and Debbie Vigliano, and their staff, who worked so hard to present this event against impossible odds, and to Jayme, the coordinator, who kept everything running smoothly, all the beer and Jell-O girls, the security guys, the traffic guys (Saints MC) out front, and all the adjoining businesses who provided parking. Kudos too, to WRN-23, there with their new mobile unit, broadcasting live! Without you people, it would have been a real disaster. Stay tuned for the dates of NEXT YEAR’S party!! Thanks again to all, and ride safe…

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