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Monthly Archives

Biking Business: St. John’s River Tours

By Lulu

b Water Inn

Usually our Biking Business article deals with motorcycle shops, builders or bars. This month we decided to step on the wild side and feature St. John’s River Tours in Astor. Bill Nordle and his wife, Tina, have run the Blackwater Inn and Williams Landing for years. They recently purchased the river boat tours that run out of the docks behind their restaurants…a favorite with bikers traveling 40. The boat ride on the MV Neptune Star is a two-hour informative tour of the pristine St. John’s River, Blue Creek and into Lake George. You are certain to see gators, exotic birds, turtles of all shapes and sizes and we even saw a raccoon, eagle and manatees. Captain Bob is an expert on wildlife and the history of Florida and its waterways…he also is pretty darn funny! The boat rides run Tuesday through Sunday twice a day. Leaving at 10:30 and 2:30. Registration is available online at although they will take you if seating is available without a reservation. The cost is $25 per person, $15 for children under 10. Group rates are available for clubs by calling 866-349-0674. The boat seats 20 and even has a restroom. Smoking is not permitted. After cruising the river, you are certain to have an appetite for shrimp…so climb the stairs and sit in their treetop porch for a cold one and some delicious chow! So even though Bill and Tina aren’t in the motorcycle industry, they provide what motorcyclists love…good food, cold beer, stiff drinks and the place to kick back and enjoy nature. Don’t forget they are closed on Mondays!

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