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Monthly Archives

Biking Business: Tri City Cycles

By Lulu


In a world where businesses come and go, there are few that have history…Tri-City Cycles in Flagler Beach has been in it for the long haul! Started 36 years ago, in 1980 by Fred Hambleton in Bunnell, he moved to the current location a year after opening. After five years in business he sold Tri-City Cycles to Ed and Denise Sarfde. They built the business and reputation over their 11 years at the helm until Ed passed away. Current owners Scott and Judy McNitt were friends of the Sarfde family and Scott had dreams of changing from his 20 years in the auto repair industry to motorcycles, but didn’t want to step on the business of his friends. So, it was only an answer to prayers for both Denise who needed a buyer and Scott who wanted a business for the ownership change. Two years after leaving Tri-City Cycles Scott hired Denise back and to this day it is “home” to both Denise and the McNitts. Denise is originally from Lowell, Massachusetts and Scott from Jamestown, New York, but their hearts and years in Florida make them true Floridians.

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