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Monthly Archives

Boob Run

By Tony

bob run

I roll out of work at 3am, knowing we got to get to Lake Poinsett Lodge in the morning for the 5th Annual “BOOB RUN”. As I drive home in the rain hoping it’s not going to kill the run in the morning.  I wake T-Rex up, tell her to shake it we’re going to be late. We fire up “Goldie” and head over, we get there in time to register, and for T-Rex to buy a pink boobie cup before we take off with the last pack. We follow the pack out to Melbourne to Cheers 2U and pick up our first card. Then we’re heading down A1A to Jenna’s Breezeway for a beverage and a snack. Back down A1A to the Beach Line, air them out and next stop is Pinto’s Lounge in Titusville. After that we head over to Cocoa Joe’s for one more. Then as usual we are the last group back, but this time no breakdowns.  The Payback Band was playing. The food and beverages were flowing, and it was time to party with old friends and new ones. At the break, raffles were drawn, 50/50 and prizes, and t-shirts, coozies and yes, pink boobie cups were for sale. All proceeds are donated to “Breast Friends”. A special thanks to Michelle Miles, owner of the Lake Poinsett Lodge and everybody who helped and donated their time to this worthy cause…Watch out for pink elves and we’ll see ya next year.

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