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Monthly Archives

BooDan’s Big Ride

By Miserable George


OK, some of you know him, some don’t, but, BooDan, WMC, 1%er has been traveling the country every summer, visiting other clubs, civic organizations, etc., promoting motorcycle awareness…not only concerning clubs, but ALL motorcycle riders. He cannot do this completely on his own…he needs financial help, and, he’s been getting it, from all over the U.S.A.! Now, there is a not-so-pleasant side of this story, in that Danny found out that he has stage 3 lymphoma. He’s now going through a very unpleasant series of chemo treatments, and, vows to take the “Big Ride” in July. God bless him, I hope he can do it! In the meantime, clubs and businesses all over Brevard Co. have pitched in to help raise the funds needed to get him on his way. Recently, there was a Poker Run and party, ending at Brevard’s premier Biker Bar…H&D Roadhouse, on Merritt Is. They tell me over $3000 was raised on that day alone…well done troops!! There were non-stop live bands, a bunch of good food, 50/50, an auction, and of course, Harry’s and Debbie’s efforts to make sure everybody had a good time…AND, they did. I can attest to THAT!!! The Roadhouse has been a Thunder Roads Florida advertiser for quite a few years now, and is biker owned and operated. Even though the ride has already begun, donations can still be made. Call Charlie…Warlock’s Internet Radio, at…321-508-3873…he’ll tell you what to do. Danny’s goal is to make sure that the days of getting a “slap on the wrist” for killing or injuring a biker are at an end!! It’ll happen, but, we gotta work at it. Ride safe, and may GOD Bless You All!!!

OK, this just in: Pay-pal-
Danny Ray Lee
PMB 829
137 S. Courtenay Pkwy.
Merritt Is., FL 32952

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