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Monthly Archives

Boot Hill Bike Week 2013

By Amy Poole


This year The Legendary Boot Hill Saloon and Strip Club Choppers joined together to make the experience of Bike Week even better! Everyone will stop in at the Boot at least once during the rally…it’s just a given…whether it’s to party, pick up a new t-shirt or to look at some eye candy at the Full Throttle bikini contest!! Even after the rally the party continues with live music, Wednesday bike night and free BBQ every 4th Saturday. If you don’t know, Boot Hill has an Ormond Beach location on US1… and it was utilized well this event!! Owner of Strip Club Choppers, Johnny Lange, teamed up to help organize and plan the events and I have to say he pulled it off!! Plenty of free bike parking was available along with the Wall of Death Shows at no charge! The Rat’s Hole Bike Show was impressive; seeing all that power roll up and some of them getting on it and smoking tires! The one feature that was my favorite, and if you know me you know it is, was the Jungle Habitat out of Tennessee founded 25 years ago. Their mission is to provide safe healthy long term care for unwanted or abused exotic animals of all kinds! They had an 8 week old Bengal Tiger named Sadie, (which Shane and I both got to hold and have our pic with her!) another tiger and 2 monkeys. For a donation you could do the same!! Check out Thanks Boot Hill for awesome experiences and another great Bike Week!!

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