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Monthly Archives

Bulls Eye July 2014

Bull's Eye header
As most of you know I generally write the Bull’s Eye each month, but the following was submitted by Rich from Rolling Thunder Chapter 8 about the passing of a man that I admired and loved greatly…Bill Gruber. The only thing I would have added to his tribute is that Bill lived his life with passion and compassion, and those two traits set him apart from many we walk with daily. I have been blessed to travel the highways with Bill and Nancy due to his passion for Rolling Thunder’s Ride to the Wall and have witnessed his compassion for fellow veterans when his passion moved me to follow his friends while they moved homeless veterans into houses, complete with all the things that make a house a home. I have seen Bill’s tears of pride for the work his friends accomplished and tears for the work left to do. In his honor I ask you to live life to its fullest with passion for living, compassion for all and take up a past time that helps others; put down the remote or golf clubs and do something for others. Bill’s watch is over and it will take many to continue the work this one man did. I will miss you my friend…Lulu


By Rich Malfitano

Bill GruberIt is with saddened heart that we pay final honor to a long time friend and Brother in Cause, William “Bill” Gruber. Bill passed away from injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident on May 31st 2014. Bill Gruber an Army veteran, served from 1961-1964. He served with Battery B, 5th Battalion, 30th Artillery Division. Specialist William Gruber was awarded the marksmanship medal for M14 Riffle and earned the Army Good Conduct Medal, and the Cold War Medal eligible. Bill donated much of his time helping veterans and supporting local community charities. Whether it be, clothing or food drives, honor events, military funerals or homecomings Bill was there. He even made a point of visiting the nursing home and the Haven Centers for Veterans. He was always eager to help out whenever and wherever he could. He was a charted member of Rolling Thunder FL Chapter 8 since 2008. He served several terms on the board of directors and was the chapter’s road captain, runs & events coordinator and the liaison for the VCVC and the Emory L. Bennett Memorial Veterans Nursing Home. Bill launched the chapter’s weekly dinner runs to bring the membership together on a social level, while gaining support from local restaurants and businesses. In spite of his continued dedication and busy volunteer schedule with RT FL-8 and other local charities he also supported the Veterans Assistance Collation. Bill was a true patriot. He believed in the basic principles in which our country was founded. His work with Rolling Thunder Fl-8, the VAC and the many other organizations he supported was nothing short of exemplary. He honored all veterans and active military. His love for country and the work he did for others was second only to that of his loving wife Nancy, his Mom and their families. To them we offer our deepest sympathy and prayers. Bill Gruber; a fine man, an old school American, and of course a true friend. RIP. Bill, you have served well. You will always have a place in our formation and will never be forgotten.

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