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Monthly Archives

Bulls Eye Mar 2014

Bull's Eye header

By Lil Jon

Still Riding After 30 Years in Prison

RoadBlockThis month’s Bull’s Eye is about a native Florida biker named RoadBlock, with over forty years of riding under his belt.

As a Jacksonville resident, RoadBlock grew up in a neighborhood known as Sin City. An admitted “adrenaline junkie” in his early years, he raced on NASCAR-sanctioned tracks in the south with many of the great drivers from that era. Fast cars led to fast motorcycles, and RoadBlock joined a 1%er motorcycle club during the high-speed 1970s world of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

When that lifestyle caught up with him, he wound up with a staggering 40- year sentence in federal prison. As one judge declared, they wanted to make an example of him to discourage others from joining motorcycle clubs. Ironically, even from a cell inside Leavenworth U.S. Penitentiary, RB became well known as an outspoken advocate for disabled vets and motorcycle riders and the rights they were due.

In December 2009, RB finally reached his mandatory release date, and was allowed to go home after almost 30 years in prison. How does someone with that kind of history fit back in the real world? Some people would just chill out and watch the tomatoes grow. Instead, RB is writing a fiction biker series. Set in the 1970s, the books follow the adventures of military vet Joe Wilson. Struggling with PTSD in a time when Vietnam vets were reviled, Joe’s rise to power in the notorious Regents Motorcycle Club shows one man’s attempt to find his place in a changed world.

As for RB, he stays busy with interviews, book-signings for the Regents Motorcycle Club series, and charitable events, and of course, riding his Harley.The good news for all those old cops and hippies and bikers who remember a rowdy Florida long gone: RoadBlock is already working on the next book. As he often encourages, join him for the ride back into the 1970s.

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