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Monthly Archives

Bulls Eye Nov 2013

Bull's Eye header

By LuLu

Parker Bros Concepts
During Biketoberfest two brothers were signing autographs at one of my favorite “Super Centers” J&P Cycles. The Parker brothers, Marc and Shanon, have made quite a stir in the custom market. Originally from Greenville, South Carolina they transplanted to Melbourne, Florida 10 years ago. Both worked in construction for their living, but tinkered aggressively on boats, cars and bikes for their personal recreation and enjoyment. A friend posted some of their creations on the internet and the rest is quite a story. Both brothers were totally “caught off guard” by the thunderstorm that has followed. Hollywood contacted them to build for a movie and they had to explain they didn’t even have a business yet. But the Parker brothers quickly formed one under the name of Parker Brothers Concepts and built the “Shredder” an alien vehicle that appears in the movie Battleship. This year they built an 800hp all wheel drive race car which won the Gum Ball Rally, a 3,000 mile race across Europe. They also had a TV series which aired last year on the Sci-Fi channel. The series aired against “The Deadliest Catch” so if you wonder why you may not have seen it last year that is probably the reason. The first series they built a trike, car and spacecraft. When asked about the equipment they create these unique and impressive vehicles with, Marc laughed and said they started with your basic hand grinders and backyard welding equipment. He admits they have started gathering more sophisticated tools of the trade with their success. The Parkers are in negotiations with a new network for their second series and have 12-13 more movie projects in negotiations also. One of their next in house builds they intend to tackle is a submarine. Shanon is the design genius that comes up with these crazy and amazing ideas. And Marc brings them to life!

Both brothers inherited their love of motorcycles from their father who was also in construction. Marc has a Yamaha R1 and a chopper that is an ongoing project in his garage and Shanon rides a FXR. Marc made me laugh when I asked him about their love life. Marc explained, “Shanon has three children with the girl he has loved since he was 13; and I can’t keep the same girl for 13 days!” These two brothers seem totally unaffected by their sudden celebrity status. They smiled and signed autographs for hours and just seem like smart, pleasant, AND extremely talented young men. Their shop is at 2335 Aurora Rd in Melbourne and they have been in that location for two years. Their website is

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