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Monthly Archives

Bulls Eye Oct 2012

Bull's Eye header
By Deborah Speicher

Joyce Pellegrini

Some may describe Joyce Pellegrini as a one woman side show but she is more like the main act and a classy one at that. Joyce is fun, vivacious and inspiring. Her love of motorcycling started when she was three years old as she rode around the block on the tank of her father’s Harley-Davidson.

Fast forward to January 1992 — Joyce is now all grown up and goes to a Harley-Davidson dealership in Chicago with a friend. She had always wanted to learn how to ride her own motorcycle and this was the day that changed her life forever. Joyce left the dealership as the owner of a brand new 883 Sportster. She did not have a motorcycle endorsement, had no idea how to ride a motorcycle and it would yet be a couple of months before she could even ride due to snow and bad weather. But once warmer weather rolled around, this woman could not be stopped. She learned how to ride and so started the adventures.

One thing that Joyce realized in 1992 was that there were very few women riding their own motorcycles. A lot of them wanted to, but had a lot of excuses – “my husband won’t let me, my boyfriend wants me behind him, I can’t hold up a bike, I’m afraid, and the list goes on.” Joyce realized that if she could do it, so could others. She became an inspiration and offered assistance to anyone who wanted to get started.

By 2010, she wrote the book “Get Off The Back Seat And Ride.” I read this book and not only does Joyce give some solid step-by-step procedures for getting and riding your first motorcycle, she takes us on a journey as she bought her Sportster, her Dyna Wide Glide and then her Road King. Riding down the road, she has met so many good people and has had the time of her life as she rides across the country. Joyce even managed to get married and divorced in this time span. But the time she has spent riding with friends, family and ex-husband were ones that made her life so exhilarating.
This past July Joyce came out with her second book “Motorcycle Diaries A to Z” which had its’ first book launch at Quaker Steak & Lube (Clearwater). Many of the ladies who contributed to the book were on hand to sign their pages in the book and talk about their life in motorcycling. Within a few days, Joyce was back on the road with her cohort Nauti Nancy heading for the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. Joyce had the honor to set up shop at the Museum for a few days to sell her latest book.

After reading both books, I can tell you that they are a must read for any woman whether she rides her own motorcycle or not. Great storytelling! Joyce has been able to express the passion that many of us find once we grab life by the handlebars. Check out her website at:

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