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Monthly Archives


By Miserable George


Sunday, May 18, 2014, dawned bright and clear…no excuse what-so-ever NOT to see a biker!!! Good day to prove a point…most bikers make themselves as visible as possible, and this run was out to show exactly THAT!! Nearly 75 riders signed in to ride this year’s run…more of a local “fun-run” type of event; as opposed to the former out-of-town runs…I liked it!! Sign-in was at Armed Forces MC in Cocoa, then on to #359 American Legion, next a run out 405 past the KSC Visitor Center, and on down SR 3 to 528, with a stop at Jumps Tiny Tavern in Cape Canaveral, over to Vets Memorial Museum, and, ending at Doc’s Bait Shack…GOOD RIDE!!!  We were treated to some really fine grub at Doc’s…drinks…the works, beautiful scenic area, right on the Banana River, just off SR 520.I for one. Certainly hope this run drove home a point…WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES!!! Traveled all day with daughter, ValGal…nice and comfy in the Trailblazer…! Good weather…good crowd…good day, all around. Be careful out there, and remember our VETS, and support the A-VETS Project…they all thank you…


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