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Monthly Archives

Can You C Me Now Run

By Miserable George


On May 19, 2013, ABATE of Florida, in conjunction with the AVET Project, sponsored a motorcycle awareness run…Can-U-C-Me-Now? The run (in Brevard Co.) began at the Saint’s MC in Cocoa, where riders were served a huge breakfast, complete with sausage, biscuits and gravy, bacon, fruit, and all the trimmings. At 11am sharp, ABATE Prez, Mike Pope announced…KICK STANDS UP…and the column wound its way out to Nova Rd., down to 192, out to Narcoosi Rd., up to Boggy Creek Rd., and on over to Orange Blossom Trail, and north to Cowboy’s Bar. A nice ride, on a sunny, pleasant morning! At Cowboy’s there was food, beverages, and a few vendors set up in the huge parking area, while inside, several full service bars helped wash down the road dust! Gotta say, there was a full crew of lovely bar maids…all eager to please!!! YEAH!! There was a live band, and ABATE personnel delivered talks on motorcycle safety and awareness…can’t get enough of that these days. An impromptu KAZOO BAND played the theme songs of all branches of our Armed Forces, and Brevard Chapter Prez Mike Pope received a plaque denoting the chapters’ work in motorcycle awareness. The crowd may have been down just a little, due to some strong storms in the area, although, we got home…dry!! I wish this program would catch on nationally…it’s something we really need. Hey, ride safe, and do your part to promote motorcycle awareness, and, remember the VETS!!! God Bless ‘em all!!

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