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Monthly Archives

Chopper Time 2015

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="387" width="600" height="600" ]

Anyone who knows me can tell you where I will be the Thursday of Bike Week or Biketoberfest…Chopper Time!!! There isn’t a better bike show anywhere as far as I am concerned than the one at Tropical Tattoo! What sets this one apart is the ingenuity of the bike builders making old parts, old bikes and old school bikers seem cutting edge!!! There is always great music out back and this year Jared Blake rocked the place. Twisted Tea was doling out samples, Roadside Marty barking out orders and there was a live remote by the new Rock of Daytona 104.7 FM. People lined up to get some new ink and then the bike awards were presented by hot little babes.


Best Twin Cam-Alley Cat (99 EVO)
Best Metric-Matt Paris (XS 650 Chopper)
Best Knuckle-Scott Brantley (46 Knuckle)
Best Shovel-Scott Key
Best EVO- Jay Wright
Best Custom Creation-Clinton Wallace (57 FLH Pan)
Best British-Jimmy Gross (69 BSA)
Best Trailer Trash-Rod “Grimey” Davis (37 Big Twin Flathead)
Best Rat-Endless Phil (47 Knuckle)
Best Sportie-Bernie Tatro (74 Sportster)
Best Pan-Raz (53 Pan)
Best Flathead-Robert Benson (45 Harley WL 45)
Best Paint-Jesse Srpam (14 Knuckle)
Horse’s Choice-Jack Donkey (84 Ironhorse)
Cycle Source Choice-Nate Jacobs (Shovel)
Darren’s Choice-Bo Hartzoue (72 Shovel)
Kari’s Choice-Ryan Martin (47 Knuckle)
Roadside’s Choice-Geo (79 Shovel)
Roadside’s Choice-Bobby Middleton (48 Pan)
Willie’s Choice- Alan Patterson (75 Ironhead)
Willie’s Choice-Ray Llanas (59 FL)
BD’s Choice- Lucky (82 CB650)
Reverend Al’s Choice-Brian Monahan (Ironhead)
Girl’s Choice-Chris Seim (71 Harley FX)
Bling’s Choice-Bryan Lane (56 XR Pan)
Dave Perewitz’s Choice- Nick Beauliu (Shovel)

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