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Monthly Archives

Cool Joint Bentley’s Saloon

By T. J. Costa

bently saloon

I want to tell a little personal story about a place in Arundel, Maine called Bentley’s Saloon. For many years, during all my travels far and wide I have been seeing t-shirts from Bentley’s. Everywhere I go…Bentley’s…Bentley’s…Bentley’s. Being a native New Englander I knew I had to go check this place out. So when I took a couple weeks in July to ride north, Bentley’s was a must destination. I heard it was a huge biker resort (and it is) with motel rooms, camping, music, great food, and plenty of partying, so I was excited to go there and stay there. Drink beer all day, get a room and not have to worry about riding afterwards.

Well, we rode up from Mass in about 2 ½ hours on a hot sunny Tuesday afternoon. When we arrived, they were having their weekly Cruisin’ Night and it was very cool. Over 100 antiques and classics in the show with 50’s music playing and people browsing and talking about cars all over the property, with trophies awarded to the winners at the end. I had a great fish and chips dinner that was almost too big to finish and my riding partners had Maine lobster rolls that were awesome!! My friend Ellen who works at the First Turn Steakhouse in Daytona got a summer job as a bartender there and it was her night off so she met us for a couple cocktails and some laughs. She absolutely loves working at Bentley’s and said the whole management staff and crew made her feel right at home from the 1st day.

Now here’s the crazy part. Minutes after we arrived a girl walks up to me and says “Are you T.J.?” I said “Lisa? What the f— are you doing here?” I was thinking she must be on vacation like we were. Well, as it turns out my old friend Lisa from Daytona Beach who I hadn’t seen or heard from in at least 12 years is Bentley’s girlfriend and she pretty much runs the place. They spend the summers in Maine and when Bentley’s closes for the season they come and spend winters in Daytona. What a great life!! Bentley (last name Warren) was busy entertaining friends and guests so I didn’t get to meet him personally but legend has it that he is quite a guy. The entire place is filled with racing memorabilia from his life spent on race tracks across America. I’m guessing that his love of motorcycles inspired him to build a place for motorcyclists to come and have a blast and he definitely succeeded. Everybody get on your bikes and ride to this place and spend a weekend. It’s well worth the trip!! Tell Lisa and Bentley that T.J. and Thunder Roads Florida Magazine sent you. And look for me around Florida in my new Bentley’s t-shirt…

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