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Monthly Archives

Critter Run 2011

By Miserable George

The 14th Annual Critter Run came off with a bang this year…257 riders signed in at the Brevard Co. Humane Society’s Cox Rd. shelter, many bringing donations of pet food, bedding supplies, and money to help our furry friends. It was an enjoyable ride around Brevard County, beachside, and finally ending in quaint Cocoa Village at the Dog & Bone bistro on Stone St. The band, “Rough House” was entertaining, while the troops were being fed dogs, burgers, baked beans, and chili (whew!!)

There were cash prizes for the best, worst, and mystery hands, with several winners donating the cash right back to the Humane Society. Thanks folks!! I tell ya Hoss, the weather couldn’t have been better, and it showed with the rather large turn-out!! The Dog & Bone is an establishment that allows pets inside, and even has a food and water dish for the critters! Lots of cigar smokin’ women milling around the area too! What does THIS have to do with critters?? Nothing I guess, just thought I’d mention it! Hey, as always, it was a fun filled day in the warm Florida sun…what more do ya want!! Be safe out there…

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