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Monthly Archives

Dirty Harry’s Helps Angel Flight Soar

By Lulu

Angel Flight

Imagine being a parent and unable to afford to get your child to a life-saving medical procedure because you can’t afford a plane ticket…or because there isn’t a flight in a quick enough time for a transplant procedure for either the organ or the patient…

Well there are pilots who own their own planes that will donate their time, gas and plane to make these life-saving miracles occur! And that group is known as Angel Flight. The great peeps that chose to spend their Sunday riding on two wheels making the loop from Beaver Bar to Cabbage Patch to Fox Head’s to Roadside Tavern and ending at Dirty Harry’s helped give “lift off” to some of those flights. Dirty Harry’s organized a run which, with the poker hand, $5 breakfast proceeds which Beaver Bar donated and raffles, raised $8,190.00. This was donated to Angel Flight, Southeast to help finance jet fuel which can be a burden to those that fly these free flights over and over. The free BBQ and great music by Redline made for a fantastic afternoon. And everyone rode home earning a halo and wings!!! I also want to thank the Rue & Ziffra Law Firm and Rock of Daytona for their help getting the word out about this event and for always being so involved in the biking community!

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