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Monthly Archives

Doing Great Things At The Iron Horse

By Lulu

[autoviewer id="259" width="600" height="600" ]

Everyone knows that Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach has it going on during Bike Week or Biketoberfest, but I am by far more impressed by the community friendly efforts that the Horse has been putting on lately. Since they have added a redhead by the name of Sherry Fletcher to their team things are constantly being hosted there. For those of you who have never organized or hosted a charity event; it takes time and money to host these and we should appreciate bars such as the Iron Horse Saloon for being willing to go the extra mile. Yes they reap the benefit of filling their bar with bikes and therefore wallets, but as in the recent event thrown for a dear friend of ours Sam Leonard it was rained out three times and the bar took a hefty loss when the weather didn’t cooperate. Eventually there was a small enough hole in the rain clouds to pull it off and I know Sam is thankful to all who showed up to give her a big biker hug!!! The same night of her event was also the 2nd of a monthly bike night being held on the first Saturday of each month complete with live music and a bike show. So look for their ads to see which bike you should enter…J&P Cycles is one of the sponsors and the prizes have been great!

P.S. If you get a chance to see Melissa, Sally, Steve P, Steve F or Sherry thank them for being involved in the biker family and for the rich history they add to the Daytona Biking World.

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