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Monthly Archives

Dream Ride


By Phoenix and Metric

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a very small part of one the greatest rides that covers three countries, the east coast and thousands of riders. The Dream Ride was conceived by a couple great people from up north over fourteen years ago. They wanted to make a difference in the lives of members of the Special Olympics and the Torch Run for law enforcement. This year The Dream Ride originated in West Palm Beach and made its way to Connecticut by way of Highlands County. On Saturday, nearly one hundred riders left sunny West Palm Beach followed by a motorcade of vehicles on an adventure to bring awareness and funds to their mission. Accompanying the founders of the DREAM RIDE were many great supporters of the mission and members of the Enforcers MC. There was even a special appearance by the honorable Alan West who is an avid rider and great supporter of the motorcycle community.

As we all know, every ride in Florida runs the risk of running into an afternoon shower and the Dream Ride fell victim to those showers as they made their way through Highlands County. Even though they arrived soaked to the bone, they were met by a very enthusiastic group of riders eager to join the journey. The Dream Ride made a pit stop at the VFW in Avon Park for a wonderful Italian lunch provided by the Highlands County Chapter of the Enforcers MC. During my interview with Mike one of the founders of the Dream Ride; I shared a story of a local young lady struggling with her own journey called “Jade’s Journey”. Mike immediately handed over a gracious donation for Jade’s Journey and said “see that she gets this”. Mike said that this is the mission of the Dream Ride to help those in need along the way. The donation from the “Dream Ride” to “Jade’s Journey” shows the true spirit of the American biker. I had not heard of the “Dream Ride” until this year, but thanks to the Enforcers I will keep them on my radar and look forward to next year’s ride.

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