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Monthly Archives

Eustis Music Fest And The Moving Wall

By Lulu


The small town feel of Eustis is what America really is. The love of God and country, the knowledge of the cost of our freedom, and the pride in honoring our veterans was obvious while visiting the Moving Wall display during Eustis Music Fest. This small town took it upon themselves to raise the money to bring the Moving Wall to their community. With the help of many, the funds were raised, and the ceremony and events held at the park were meaningful to all in attendance. Many Vietnam Vets have never had the opportunity to go to D.C. and experience The Wall. Some are no longer healthy enough to make the trip. So, to have the chance to see the names chiseled on the wall has deep meaning to those who were called upon to serve in Vietnam. The lives lost during that war were incredible, and the illnesses and damage to those who returned shaped the rest of their lives. I worked a psychiatric facility in Pensacola, Florida for a brief time and many of my patients were Vietnam Vets. Their emotional scars suffered from their experience were lifelong and deep. I have traveled twice with vets to D.C. for the Ride to the Wall and they find it healing in a way we can not quite understand. I was told by a veteran at the wall that it is solid proof that what they witnessed was REAL, that the lives lost are not to be forgotten and that they must not let our current soldiers be treated as they were upon the end of the Vietnam era.

A special thank you to Erin and the City of Eustis for their efforts to make this happen. The ceremony was perfect and your music fest under the great oaks is well worth the ride.

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