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Monthly Archives

Flagler Heritage Festival

By Amy Poole

[autoviewer id="282" width="600" height="600" ]

The 2nd Annual Flagler Heritage Festival was celebrated at the Black Cloud Saloon this year. Hosting this event is Heritage Crossroads, the same group that acquired Florida’s first highway in Flagler County. If you are familiar with Flagler County you know there are MILES of worthy historic culture!

Stormy skies and a soggy ground did not prevent this “fun for the whole family” event from taking place at the Thunder Gulch Campground. This occasion is to recreate the history of Flagler County by showing reenactments of historic ways of work, play, and the way of life back then. Volunteers and attendees made camp and brought the historic atmosphere back to life by blacksmithing toys, cooking by small fires, demonstrating handmade tools, displaying craftsmanship and a few antique autos rolled in. Also on display were some rare antique motorcycles provided by Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley Davidson. Many of the children participated, hands on, to see how food was prepared and how children entertained themselves many years ago. Present-day items were on site including Pinstriping by the Rossie’s, Sheila’s Funnel Cakes, arts & crafts, food & more!

What an intriguing affair and thank you John, the owner of Black Cloud and ALL the sponsors that lent a hand to make it all come together! You can go to for future info or become a sponsor for next year. Thanks!!

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