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Monthly Archives

Fly Like An Eagle

By Metric and Phoenix

[autoviewer id="331" width="600" height="600" ]

Thanks once again to the Eagle Riders Cypress Hut 4509 out of Okeechobee for hosting another great Okeechobee Bikefest. Okeechobee is best known for some of the greatest fishing in Florida but once a year the quiet fishing hole gives way to the roar of thousands of motorcyclists descending on the lake. The Rim Ditch Passport is a favorite ride around the beautiful lake with stops at some of the best damn biker establishments anywhere.

Music filled the air the entire weekend thanks to great bands like USA, Hard Country, Tammy Bast, Phil and Scott Eddings and my personal favorite the Jake Hair Band, a group of young locals that really know how to rock the house. On top of the great music was tons of great food and biker apparel from vendors across the state. Thanks to Indian Motorcycles out of Pompano Beach for bringing out that beautiful Indian Chief.

The bike was so beautiful I damn near bought it, but then I would have to change my road name to “Chief Metric”. Another big event at this year’s bike fest was a fundraiser to help a beautiful young lady walk again. For more information and how Casey is doing check her out on Facebook. If you missed out on this year’s event make it a point to mark your calendars and I’ll see you here next year. See you down the road. Ride Safe!!

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