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Monthly Archives

Gainesville Harley Throws A Party


Gaines Harley Party

You can always tell the more serious riders come out rain or shine. August 18th from noon till 4 Gainesville Harley threw their Customer Appreciation Party. They had my favorite food and drink, yep “free”; you can’t beat free, I think it even taste better! Burgers and hot dogs, and even beer, no donation jars, it was for us the customers. So if you missed it well then you probably were out paying for your burger. But that’s okay you left more for the rest of us. We ate and drank till there was no more.

The Lytle family really took care of their customers. The blood mobile was there, HOG Chapter, Wind-FM Radio, Beef O’Grady’s and Budweiser each had a piece of real estate in the parking lot and they also passed out free stuff. There was a MDA booth that if you donated you could get a cake or pie. There was an ice dunk tank where you reached in and grabbed a bolt if it was colored then you won a prize. That takes care of the outside. Now inside the new 2013 Harleys were being shown in the show room besides all the discounted prices on all other items in the store. Yeah, it rained but people still rode in, I was impressed. Well got to go now so hope to see ya on the road. Remember if you’re riding in the rain and you put your cruise control on and ya hit water your motor will keep power to the back wheel.

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