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Monthly Archives

Garmin nüvi 265T GPS Navigator with Lifetime Traffic and Bluetooth

Here’s a special on a Garmin nüvi 265T GPS that’s an incredible bargain. It’s loaded with features.  The MSRP for this is $179.99  but Amazon has an unbelievable loss leader for $87.99 with Free Shipping. You can see the Amazon deal for the Garmin nüvi 265T GPS Navigator with Lifetime Traffic and Bluetooth here.

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Here’s why I think this is such a great deal

  • Turn by turn directions are voice prompted with street names.
  • Select routes by shortest, fastest, avoid highways or avoid tolls.
  • Review your complete route before navigating.
  • Includes 6 million points of interest built in
  • Add up to 1000 of your own custom favorite points of interest
  • Maps are in 2-D and 3-D for routing
  • Free lifetime traffic alerts that give you traffic flow speeds, accidents and construction. Plus it can re-route you around the congestion.
  • You can use it portable with the 4 hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • It can do photo navigation with a free Garmin service
  • It has a slot for a micro-SD card to download custom GPS data from your computer
  • Reviews at Amazon

    The 265T has 275 reviews at Amazon. You can read the reviews at this Amazon Product Page

    Garmin 265T Features Video

    Using The Garmin 265T Video

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    If you have this GPS please leave any comments you have about it below.

    Once you start using a GPS on your motorcycle you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Although this GPS  isn’t specifically designed for a motorcycle lots of bikers use them that aren’t. Once you see what they want for one that is you’ll know why.  The main reason why it’s not listed for a motorcycle is that it’s not waterproof.  But you don’t necessarily need water proof. After reading a few post in the biker forums I learned that they just put a baggy over it and it works just fine.

    Lets face it. This GPS is only $87.99 which includes shipping. If you want a GPS listed for motorcycles you can expect to pay upwards of $400.00. For that kind of money I’ll just use the baggy. Besides who likes driving in the rain anyway.

    Check Out The Garmin nüvi 265T GPS with Lifetime & BluetoothTraffic Now at Amazon Before it’s too Late. I don’t know how long this deall will be available

    2 Responses to “Garmin nüvi 265T GPS Navigator with Lifetime Traffic and Bluetooth”

    • Charlie:

      I have the Garmin 265 WT, which is the same with the exception, the “W” is slightly wider than the plain “T” model. GPS unit works great except kind of hard to see in bright daylight. The Bluetooth feature is nice, but kind of hard to hear phone calls while riding. RAM makes a nice universal motorcycle mount. I would recommend getting one from GPSCity. DO NOT order from Lidomounts, they will take your money, and screw you over. No customer support! Price is only $35.00, and if you also want the direct wiring harness, that will cost you another $20.00. Well worth it instead of cigarette plug.

    • beth connors:

      Thanks for your input. We hear about great deals and want to be able to pass on that kind of info to our Thunder Riders, but input from people that actually have used the equipment is invaluable. Lulu

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