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Monthly Archives

Gator Harley Anniversary Party

By Deborah Speicher

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On the weekend of July 30 and 31, Gator Harley-Davidson (Leesburg) threw a fantastic party to celebrate their 18th anniversary. There was plenty going on both days. Saturday they had a classic car and custom bike show, bike games, vendors, food and the Bobby Friss Band. Sunday was also jammed packed with fun events which included tattoo, pirate and bikini contests. Sunday also featured Big Engine rocking the house and the ultimate giveaway of a Harley-Davidson Sportster courtesy of WMMO and Gator Harley.

We were there a few hours before the winner of the motorcycle was announced and they had narrowed it down to several potential winners. Over a period of time they kept calling out the names of the runner-ups. When they finally called William “Lloyd” Humphrey’s name as the winner, I believe he was in shock. I hope he is enjoying that new bike by now! What a great day and, as always, the Malik family did an extraordinary job of thanking the community and their loyal customers.

Scroll down for the Gator Harley cam

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