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Monthly Archives

Getting Dirty At Dirty Harry’s

By Amy Poole


Bike Week wouldn’t be the same without riding down to Main Street and getting yourself engrossed in the activities at Dirty Harry’s. Most of the year it’s pretty quiet on the strip but during the 10 event it’s rockin’ with 2 big stages, the roar of engines, girls in their sexy attire and 100% amusement! The wet tee contest was slick as oil and is always a handful for Cowboy, known as the King of Entertainment, but he sure had a grip on it! Then there’s always time for a booty break! The booty contest is right smack on top of where the scent of food (and the booties) makes your mouth water!

If you want to start the weekends off right Friday is bike night with $1 beer and the first Sunday of EVERY month is soaring with free bbq and live music. Each month has a different sponsor with pretty promo girls strolling around with giveaways. With spring and summer moving in on us, it only enhances being out in the courtyard for some fun!! Check Dirty Harry’s ad in Thunder Roads Florida for all they’re doing or their website at!!

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