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Monthly Archives

Getting Twisted At Reni’s Redneck Yacht Club

By Raven Van Pelt

Reni s BarTwisted Tea and Bike Nights go hand in hand and our second Bike Night sponsored by Twisted Tea was on January 24th at Reni’s Redneck Yacht Club in Yulee. Big Engine played from 7-11, and the Twisted Tea ladies passed out plenty of giveaways. People were asked to bring a can of food, to be donated to the local food bank, which entered them into a drawing for a raffle to win $50.00, many didn’t know about the food drive so we let them donate $1 for a chance and we collected $120 which will go to the food pantry at the Baptist Church in Nassau County. If you live in the Jacksonville area our next Twisted Bike Night will be held at Smitty’s Internet Bar, March 21st, on Kori Rd.  The Twisted Tea girls will be there with door prizes, games, music and plenty of fun. And don’t forget…bring a can of food to be entered into the drawing for $50 bucks and help the local food banks, one raffle ticket for each food item.

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